02-09-2016, 10:09 AM
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Gents, any feedback on Razorock's Santa Maria del Fiore soap and aftershave? Thanks.

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 02-09-2016, 10:13 AM
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Soap is excellent but have not used the splash. Some say the splash is a tad sweeter smelling than the soap. If your on the fence, go for it. If you don't like it you will have no problems selling or trading it. This is coming from a guy that's not a huge RR soap fan but I do keep this one in rotation.

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 02-09-2016, 10:29 AM
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Excellent stuff. I think the regular RR soaps are entirely mediocre, but SMdF is a fantastic product. Not sure if they're made by the same supplier, but there's a big difference.

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 02-09-2016, 07:37 PM
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I have both the soap and AS.  Love them both, and my wife loves the scent as much as I do.

Couple observations:  #1 - on the soap/creme scale this one leans more to cream.  #2 - the jar is huge (8.5 oz).

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 02-10-2016, 07:21 AM
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Probably one of RazoRock's best soaps.  Very easy to lather and has an excellent post shave.  The AS doesn't have eucalyptus oil so the scent isn't an exact match for the soap but it compliments it very nice.  The glass jar is heavy and very similar to Martin de Candre.  The soap label is very nice but it isn't waterproof or even water resistant.

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 02-10-2016, 08:06 PM
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Average performer for me, I use straights though so it might work better with a DE.

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 02-10-2016, 11:01 PM
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I was gifted one by Freddy (THANKYOU AGAIN) above. I used distilled water as a safety measure after realising my tap water was degrading some soap performance for my first shave today with it. As noted: It's in a generous big jar and don't leave it where it can fall on your bare feet. I learned that lesson years ago with a Pre de Provence brick sized bath soap. It lathers easily and excellent cushion and glide. It has become my Trinity of Mystic Waters and Savonerrie du la Moulin.

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 02-11-2016, 08:07 AM
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For me the SMF Croap is a winer thanks to the added Menthol but A/S lotion in MHO is disappointing in scent department !

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