07-16-2012, 06:41 PM
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I would like to trade for a D.R. Harris soap/bowl, preferably in almond or lavender scent. Either mahogany or oak bowl is ok, but would ask that the soap be new or only very lightly used.

I also would like to trade for the Vetiver or Musk Royall Aftershaves/Colognes.

For possible trade options I have Feather blades, Speick and Palmolive shave sticks (new), Proraso Preshave (new forumula/unused), Proraso Aftershave balm (old formula/unused), Vulfix Rose Shaving Cream (unused), Razorock Mughetto di Bologna shave soap (unused and transferred to glass Anchor Hocking bowl with plastic lid), bottle of new formula Speick Cologne (unused), 400 ml bottle of Floid Vigoroso (really want to limit this to a Royall AS trade due to shipping cost) and at least one brush, Made-Rite restored with TGN Finest fan knot (unused). The brush is the one on the left in the photo. The knot in the Made-Rite is 20 mm x 48 mm.

Please shoot me a PM for any trade offer.
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 07-17-2012, 05:00 PM
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Good luck Chris.

I've bought from Chris in the past and he was excellent to do business with.

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