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Following the excellent refurbishment of a couple of straights of mine arriving this morning I have a couple of duplicates for sale as well as a Boker which is in need of refurbishment.

Payment by paypal please. Prices include shipping to CONUS via International Airmail (insured but untracked).

I will post elsewhere - please contact me for prices.

First up are the 6/8's. These were made in Sheffield, England by G. Myer and Sons and Joseph Allen respectively.

Both are sharp enough to be in a condition that I consider to be shave ready (they were honed recently).

The Myer & Sons blade is in slightly better condition than the Joseph Allen one.

I would like $55 for the Myer & Sons and $35 for the Joseph Allen.

Myer and Sons:
[Image: SE030.jpg]
[Image: SE036.jpg]
[Image: SE033.jpg]
[Image: SE035.jpg]
[Image: SE034.jpg]

Jospeh Allen:

[Image: SE025.jpg]
[Image: SE026.jpg]
[Image: SE027.jpg]

G Myer & Sons (top), Jospeh Allen (bottom):

[Image: SE041.jpg]

The Boker, as indicated above is in need of a refurbishment and is not shave ready. Please note that it has a cracked scale near to one of the pins and the scales will need replacing at some stage.

I would like $25 for the Boker.

[Image: SE043.jpg][Image: SE049.jpg]
[Image: SE044.jpg]
[Image: SE054.jpg]
[Image: SE055.jpg]
[Image: SE056.jpg]

Please PM me if you are interested.

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