02-14-2016, 10:10 AM
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Up for sale today are a couple of beautiful brushes and razor. Up first is a Doug Korn Alibaba with a 3 band epsilon knot. 27mm set to 52mm loft. Lathered 4 times. Epsilon cost me 135 and 75 for the new handle. Asking $110 shipped. SOLD

[Image: 35b44da20aa508b094a7369bc8aed232.jpg][Image: 87bdebf6e83f0b14faedf6cec15b90c0.jpg]

Next up is a Thater 4425/4 two band. it's been lathered 3 times. 28mm knot set to 56mm loft. I paid 154 asking 105$ shipped. SOLD

[Image: 5e27ddb0ebbaf84ad5092abf3f815fa9.jpg][Image: d74bb7604294b0d575a581be2363aae2.jpg]

Last but not least is a Seygus razor. The tin it came in was dented when I received but the razor is in perfect condition. I paid 93 asking 80$ shipped. SOLD

[Image: ff87bbcd3d5750b9b358549e919a9d9e.jpg][Image: 337ce0c067d8c1732a28fcb8e520255d.jpg]

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