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My first sale thread here.

I bought this used over a year ago and I hope I'm asking a fair price on a vintage piece. Used by me about a dozen times since.

Ran through the ultrasonic cleaner today and gave her a quick buffing shine before snapping some pictures. 

$140.00 shipped in the US. 
Will ship international at actual postage cost. 
***(Adjusted price 2/14/2016 @ 7:40 pm - I found what I paid for this in my purchase history in Paypal about $138 at today's exchange rate.)

A Gillette made in England Aristocrat I think is a #66.
Case exterior is poor. Inside is a little rough as well. Doesn't snap shut.
There's a sweet little unopened 15 pack of blades still in the cellophane included as shown.

Will zip-lock case, blades, and razor separate to ship.

The razor is a beauty but it has a few little flaws that I hope I have captured in the album linked.

Spot of brass between the knob and handle on the inner part that disappears when opened. (hard to describe)
Pin size flea bites on one side of one door and on one end cap. I think the last two pictures show this.

Also a bit of a "lazy" door. 
One door opens a bit past 3/4 and hangs. I can get open flicking my wrist a bit or nudging with my thumb. I never attempted to fix this as I can't see anything out of whack and it's pretty slight. 

[Image: srAs69S.jpg]

Otherwise very nice looking razor that shaves very well. Original Rhodium plating.

As with everything I pass along to a new home, I use flat rate boxes. 
In this case a small flat rate box. I reuse packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or whatever other clean packing materials I have on hand from my various acquisitions.

Will consider a trade here for a stainless steel Wolfman SB head or full razor. 
Happy to make up the difference in funds straight up, hardware or software. PM me in the highly unlikely event you have one for trade.  Biggrin

I'm not really interested in soaps or brushes at this time, but safety bar razors I haven't already tried I will consider.

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