02-16-2016, 07:17 AM
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Hi all,

Up for sale today is a brass Wolfman handle. This is kind of a cross between a 3 and 7. This is a prototype handle that I got with a prototype brass OC head. The head sits on my brass Triad handle so I wanted to pass this along. New Wolfman handles are $125 CAD, I'm asking $90 USD + $5 shipping. Approximately 96.6x13.5mm and 90 grams.

[Image: 27b00b4c2b911eee2704503e36e17e54.jpg]

[Image: 8926770366fa52824c520cc5010fe744.jpg]

[Image: 307e00f5d69615bbd5aa9ce1a5d2119a.jpg]

[Image: 1292a22fbde7b91aeb5a8a879d01c194.jpg]

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