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I'm looking to trade my Simpson 56 best brush. This is a Soap Monster, but I reach for 2-bands exclusively so this has to go. This is an older brush, and the label shows some green to it.  This brush is not a shedder.

Looking for 2-band brushes of equivalent quality.  This brush sells for around $118. Would consider Rudy Vey, Wolf Whiskers, Doug Korn, Epsilon, Simpson, Nathan Clark, etc.

PM with trade offers.

[Image: ab0327f3c9390466fa4e39aacdaa05f1.jpg]
[Image: e92c4ce0f5f461ec5a693ad557a06f0a.jpg]
[Image: 03748f24c383f01101b820c3a69787b9.jpg]
[Image: c7cedc9a7ccff3aa1ce1625c5ef10b6a.jpg]
[Image: 8024a86132145e92a55713af6f655b90.jpg]

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