02-17-2016, 08:40 PM
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ALL SOLD  THANKS EVERYONE GOT MY KNIFE                    TO FINISH THIS SALE I WILL SELL BOTH BLACKBIRD AND PLISSON HMW FOR $375  OFFER ENDS SUNDAY!!!!!!!      1.   SOLD  A Pils 118nl ss polished no scratches used about 5 times, bought from factory and selling with stand.  retail $250  asking $200
2   LOWERED.  A Blackbird Black Oxide with longer 110mm handle. a little too much for me. used 3 times  retail $160  asking $150  NOW $130
3.     SOLD     A Wiborg  (yes that's what I said) white badger "Basket" 26mm x 51mm. soft as angle breath just prefer my thaders more. used about 8 times
     due to my large rotation. this one is gorgeous lite jade.  retail $166  asking $150
4.   LOWERED   Last,  Plisson HMW 16 genuine blond horn.  it's named "large" by the factory. I bought it from them. love it but am using my 12 more.
     retail $435   asking $400  now $380

I use renaissance was on all my handle expecially the horn ones.  I will ship CONUS with tracking. pm's welcomed. pictures below best I can do; I spent 45 minutes just getting them uploaded. sorry in advance. [Image: DBLkyHH.jpg][Image: qNcaFYp.jpg][Image: rqCbTC0.jpg][Image: nTjHYII.jpg]

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 02-20-2016, 01:28 PM
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Guys I just decided to add the blackbird to the plisson and sell both for the price of the Plisson HMW 16.  Will pull down Sunday pm if no offers.


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