02-20-2016, 11:35 AM
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I am letting go of two of my prized possessions, the ATT S1 and S2. I only used these for special occasions, which are far and few these days. I babied these, taking them apart to dry after every shave and wiping with a brand new microfiber cloth designed for eyeglasses. They are in immaculate shape, there is no 'ring' where the baseplate contacts the handle. These are 'like new.'

[Image: uVUfmuC.jpg]

Top Caps: Left is for S1, right is for S2
[Image: PPRLDc7.jpg]

[Image: 5DMKqqv.jpg]

S1 Baseplate on left, S2 baseplate on right
[Image: LeIOdyl.jpg]

S1 Razor Head
[Image: ZnekWLM.jpg]

S1 Baseplate
[Image: 4vmflCd.jpg]

S2 Razor Head
[Image: nluVRpr.jpg]

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