02-21-2016, 11:59 AM
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Several items up for sale today. Feel free to PM with any questions. Paypal & CONUS please.


Freebies: Pick a freebie to add to your order if interested (FCFS):
- A bottle of Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum (used 1x) (taken)
- An unused block of Osma Alum [s](taken) [/s]
- 1 oz sample of Master Bay Rum
- 1 oz sample of Master Impulse

1. Frag Lot 

Offering three affordable frags in one lot, all very lightly used. Last year I thought I would explore frags a little bit, but I'm more of an aftershave guy.

TOBS Sandalwood Cologne - retails for $40. Used 1x.
Saint Charles Shave - Sandalwood - retails for $18. Used 5x.
Saint Charles Shave - Oakmoss Lavendula - retails for $16. Used 2x. 

Retail is $74, yours for $40 $35 $30.

[Image: jpvQ5B2.jpg]

2. Simpson Colonel X2L in Best (SOLD!)

Classic gateway brush into the badger realm, enjoyed by beginners and experienced users. From a batch around 2013 with Made in England sticker. Nice example of Simpson best grade with good density, solid backbone and enjoyable scrub.

Retails for $60, yours for $40 $35.

[Image: XZ3w7lb.jpg]

3. Muhle R41 (2013 model) (SOLD!)

Too aggressive for me, even though this model is less aggressive than the 2011 version. In very good shape, although the top cap has some minor dings and scratches. Handle is pristine.

Retails for $60, yours for $30 $25 $20

[Image: 0q78KbC.jpg]
[Image: PN4vwLY.jpg]
[Image: Pnkiz9p.jpg]

4-6. iKon 

4. iKon B1 Slant Head - Smooth and efficient shaver, in excellent shape. Retails for $95. yours for $75 $70 (SOLD!).
5. iKon B1 OSS Handle - Some wear on surface. Retails for $30, yours for $20. (SOLD!)
6. iKon SS Bamboo - Retails for $30, yours for $25 $20 (SOLD!).

[Image: yR0uQ2A.jpg]
[Image: az1xsJc.jpg]
[Image: CX3XhFx.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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 02-22-2016, 06:52 PM
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Update 1: A good old fashion TSN price drop - Frag Lot now $35, R41 now $25

Update 2: Last drop - Frag Lot now $30, R41 now $20!

Update 3: Only Frag Lot is remaining.

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