02-22-2016, 10:59 AM
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Found a great you tube video of a world famous knife maker's straight razor collection.  5 minutes of heaven.  I tried uploading but failed. Somebody help me here. everyone should see this.  it was filmed by Tzvy Morais on march 22, 2015

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 02-22-2016, 11:05 AM
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 02-22-2016, 11:24 AM
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Great collection but all that collection on display would drive me insane it looks a total clutter goes against my sense of order and neatness a place for everything out of sight suits my mind perfectly.

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 02-22-2016, 11:33 AM
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I agree, I could see someone coming into my home if I had razors on display. We all have friends or family thay haft to touch everything. I see a lot of cut hands or fingers. Come in the other room bleeding denying they touched anything. Razors just jumped off the wall and attacked

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 02-22-2016, 12:57 PM
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4:42 He put it down backwards!

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 02-22-2016, 01:15 PM
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Super cool video!  I'd love to see them in person.

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 08-27-2016, 03:14 PM
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I am REALLY IMPRESSED!! This is the Wholly GRAIL of straight razors.

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 08-27-2016, 04:40 PM
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Like Jamie its a bit much clutter for me and my OCD for maintaining order would not allow me to do that, I have a very, very small collection but it's in an orderly fashion.

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 08-30-2016, 06:07 PM
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That's really cool! It's like a museum in there!

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