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Hey guys,

I’m just starting to dip my toes into the world of vintage men’s grooming products. Today my first major opportunity to go out on a hunt, feeling pretty positive that I might actually run into something cool. Thankfully, I had some time in the afternoon and was able to visit quite a few stores. Although I wasn’t looking for this item, just upon visiting my second store, I came across some bottles of brand new, just-came-out-of-the-original-crate bottles of Lucky Tiger Shampoo! Man, what a great feeling it was! I ended up purchasing just one bottle for now (they had 3 left), but I may go back and buy another one soon. I don’t know exactly for sure how old these bottles are (guessing maybe somewhere around the 40s-50s), and I didn’t ask to see the original packaging, but all I know is, the smell is intoxicating Biggrin. It has a nice, definite smell of musk. I love how this bottle is made of real glass, and not some cheap plastic packaging like the one’s they’re using now for their product lines.
Here’s some pictures of the bottle:

[Image: HkwcMeT.jpg]  [Image: JMOirtI.jpg]  [Image: okLM9Bq.jpg]

It's crazy just thinking about how much life used to cost back when this was around, compared to today's cost of living.

I'm not sure how easy it is to find these bottles, but I thought it was a great find regardless Biggrin.

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