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For your consideration:

1. V.P. Leonhardy Premium Silvertip 22mm diameter x 58mm loft brush in flash frozen blue plastic handle. This is a fantastic medium sized brush with a super soft, sponge-like knot that has a surprising amount of backbone at its loft. I do not consider it floppy at all. It has seen very light use and is not a shedder. It is shown next to a size 12 Plisson for reference. I would like $60.

[Image: VPLblue1.jpg]

[Image: VPLblue2.jpg]

[Image: VPLblue3.jpg]

2. Plisson (Joris) open comb razor with palladium finish and horn handle. The razor is in excellent condition and includes the original packaging. I will point out the faint circle visible on the top cap - this is how the razor came from the vendor. The horn handle is a very nice pale, blonde horn. I would like $80.

[Image: Plissonrazor1.jpg]

[Image: Plissonrazor2.jpg]

[Image: Plissonrazor3.jpg]

Payment for items via Paypal. Shipping in the US included in the price. Thanks for looking.

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