02-29-2016, 04:45 PM
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Hello gents,

So I just have a question regarding pre-shave products. My typical routine is shower and then shave which is great. However, I use soap that removes most if not all of the natural oils on my face (I have semi-oily skin). When I go to shave, my skin sometimes feels to dry (oil-free) making the shave very uncomfortable. Tried using pre-shave oil but didn't really feel much of a difference, other than that haven't tried much else. Anyone else going through something similar? Any advice on what product might help resolve this problem? Thanks.

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 02-29-2016, 06:15 PM
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Perhaps try a different soap on your face when you shower.  Also, some guys shave before they shower and it works well for them.

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 02-29-2016, 08:21 PM
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With specific response to your questions I would highly recommend Baume. Be pre shave gel. Adds hydration and is extremely slick!!

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 03-07-2016, 04:07 PM
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I use Myrsol Emulsion every day as a pre-shave. It's the only product I use every day, except for my trusty scuttle.

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 03-07-2016, 06:45 PM
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Solution for you :

If you continue to shave after your shower, use Myrsol Emulsion Pre Shave cream. It rocks your world.
Start using a milder soap for your face, when you shower.
I use these two facial cleansers, both are mild, and will most likely help you to keep your face feeling less dry after your shower:
Osmium Clean & Refresh (arguably the most luxurious and gentle face wash ever made)
Baxter of California Daily face wash
(Mild cleanser with coconut oil and aloe Vera)

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 03-22-2016, 09:58 AM
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you might try using baby lotion or baby oil as a pre shave. the oil works good for me. and cold water shaving after the shower.

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 03-22-2016, 10:28 AM
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I just use Nivea Creme before the shave.  Works great for me.

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 03-22-2016, 10:33 AM
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Noxema!  Just a bit on a damp face goes a long way.

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