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Selling the following in a bundle. Great for a new straight razor shaver, everything you need to get many shaves in between honings. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you are new and unsure the purpose of balsa board or want to know a basic outline of stropping, feel free to ask.

Dubl Duck straight razor - vintage Special no 1, 11/16th, full hollow
-shave ready, honed by Phil at The Classic Edge, reputable honemeister here in Canada
-blade in great condition, see pictures, opens and closes snugly and smoothly, no rust or pitting
-scales in great condition

Board Strop - 3 inch by 10 inch
-black english bridle leather, 3 inch wide so no need for x strokes, perfect for beginners before moving on to a hanging strop
-great to practice on before moving on to a hanging strop
-strop had a very small cut in it, but has been fixed, doesn't affect usage

Hanging Strop - 2 inch by 26 inch
-leather primary material, black polywebbing secondary material
-hardware is roughly 1.5 inch so stropping area is 24.5 inch long
-polywebbing great for drying the blade after each shave

Balsa Board - 3 inch by 11 inch
-1 side green chromium oxide, other side red iron oxide
-recently sanded down and reapplied both abrasives, good for several refreshes/touchups when the razor gets dull
-for new shavers unsure about the purpose of a balsa board strop, it is basically used to bring a dull edge back to shave ready

The following is a link to the pictures of most of the items listed above: http://imgur.com/a/JKMSM

The regular price for the 2 strops and the balsa board together is $70. Shipping is roughly $15. The price is subjective on the Dubl Duck because it is vintage.
Asking price for everything: $135 USD - that includes shipping anywhere within USA or Canada with tracking.

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