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[Image: 2mEgvaF.jpg][Image: n2WD6rR.jpg]This is a mixed bag, and I know how they can blow for buyers, but for what I have, and the price I am about to throw, Heck, you can pick three and PIF the rest and come out a winner. Paypal, CONUS only, priority shipping.

All of these brushes were at one time wanted/loved, but they just sit, and need to go somewhere.  I would rather have a colonoscopy again than try to deal with my post office to mail out these brushes on some kind of piece by piece basis. This is a serious bargain, if you are den building.

1). Boker Branded Muhle Black Fiber Synth 20mm.  Just too small for my taste. Nice heavy handle.  
New Retail $39.95


2). Semogue 1520 Boar, not even fully broken in. Paint and lacquer are fine.
New Retail $13.50


3). Manhandled Woods Hybrid w/24 mm Amack Sunrise knot. This is a beautiful brush, and not even lathered a half dozen times. It just doesn't get used, and I am really getting out of collecting.
New Retail $ 49.00


4). Manhandled Woods Walnut 24 mm with TGN 2 Band Finest. Really a pretty brush, a slight blemish/discoloration in one of the grooves where the burnishing is rubbed off a bit.  
New Retail $ 45.00


5). Vulfix 2006c Pure Badger.  Nothing fancy, only used a few (like two or three) times.
New Retail $18.95


6). Vie Long 14080 in White Horse. 21 mm knot.
New Retail $35.00


7). Manhandled Woods 30mm Purpleheart w/ Virginia Sheng 2 band. The handle has had three different knots in it, so you can see, right at the base where work has been done, but it is very minor.
There is a similar handle on his sight, (smaller) with a similar valued knot on sale for $28.


The total value, if new lists at $230.00 Will ship CONUS for $90. That is more than 60% off of retail, not counting shipping being included.

If there is something you were more interested in, just PM, and I will send individual pics..


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Really nice. GLWTS. I'd buy if I could. Again, real nice.

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