03-07-2016, 08:30 AM
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The “beard conditioner” follows similar packaging as the soap and maintains brand identify of the soap in terms of texture and scent.

I use the term “Beard Conditioner” in quotations because I found that it makes a better face conditioner than beard conditioner (wait, what beard this is a SHAVING board isn’t it?)

The hard texture of the soap forces the user to massage the soap a bit to warm it up to the point that you can get enough of the product to apply to the face/hair.  It’s a bit harder than pure shea butter and take a bit longer to ‘melt’ when massaging it and correspondingly needs to be massaged into the face to get it to spread evenly.

It is, however, more matte in final texture and feels less ‘greasy’ as compared to shea butter, but does not seem to moisturize as deeply as shea butter.

A good product and is something I think I’d keep around even after the soap is gone

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