03-07-2016, 09:28 AM
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Hello TSN! Looking to sell the following items. All great items, just trying to cut down. CONUS shipping with tracking included in price:

Barbiere di Figaro Classico & Esclusivo soaps and aftershaves (brand new) - $30 ($50 retail)

RazoRock Barber Handle Plissoft Synthetic (used 3 times; currently sold out) - $9 with the purchase of anything else or $14 shipped by itself.

Penhaligons Bayolea aftershave splash and eau de toilette sample (see levels in pic) - SOLD - $35

[b]Morris & Forndran 26mm Finest in Faux Horn (purchased brand new, used twice) - SOLD - $210

Cold River Soap Works Oliva colonia (used 3 times) and Select Spiced Amber V2 (used 4 - 5 times; currently sold out) - SOLD - $25

[Image: crltEmw.jpg]
[Image: nEvyAo8.jpg]
[Image: HDU4ioE.jpg]
[Image: ZDrlNuz.jpg]
[Image: ISolwlp.jpg]
[Image: nXOF5wH.jpg]
[Image: x53veQK.jpg]
[Image: Ab4nUJe.jpg]
[Image: qzkrOJu.jpg]
[Image: 2Ti8xIU.jpg]
[Image: 0t9Gr1I.jpg]
[Image: 43DaVGc.jpg]
[Image: NEo6V6M.jpg]
[Image: E6bdrgz.jpg]

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 03-07-2016, 12:57 PM
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Hi there, just as an FYI.  Prices are supposed to be left on goods that are sold per forum rules.  Best of luck.

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 03-08-2016, 04:51 PM
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PM sent regarding Penhaligan

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