03-11-2016, 04:59 AM
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I am not a straight razor shaver, but I do own a few and am very fond of this very special type of knife. I have just come across a video of Mastro Livi in Italy creating a Damascus razor a for a customer from scratch. It's a 43 minute video and shows the whole process from making a Damascus billet to assembling the razor. This is an amazing artisan who produces incredible razors. Thought I would post the video here for the folks to enjoy. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

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 03-11-2016, 07:45 AM
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of kytjatThat would be my friend Antonello aka Razor guy. 
I met him when I went to Perugia to watch Mastro Livi create a masterpiece for me. 
A wonderful coupes of days. Antonello makes regular videos with Mastro Livi. Very interesting and informative. Also wonderful to see a true Artisan share his wealth of experience with us.

I forgot to mention that the sounds and smells don't come across in the video which is a huge part of the experience. 

I'll post a link later of my experience.

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 05-26-2016, 07:37 AM
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Very cool, thanks for sharing !!

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 05-26-2016, 09:48 AM
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This man is an amazing talent. I have yet to get a Livi razor but one day surely.

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 05-26-2016, 01:17 PM
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I feel sad for men reaching for a blue piece of plastic.

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