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I have a Vie Long Silvertip Badger brush available for sale.

Payment by paypal please. Postage will be by Royal Mail 2nd Class delivery to the UK and by tracked and insured airmail to the USA / Canada. I will ship elsewhere - please PM me for details.

I'm also willing to consider trades for other brushes, artisan soaps or DE razors. Due to import duties, I'm only able to consider trades from within the EU I'm afraid.

Vie Long 13065-4 Butterscotch Edition Silvertip Badger brush

[Image: DD5E9458-DBE9-4440-AE7C-8A686B7353D4_zps7myomgc7.jpg]

[Image: 5ECF61FE-0585-4419-94C2-1568ED389905_zpsazeo8oik.jpg]

[Image: C4692545-D7F9-4614-AC54-2126CD84BD47_zpszxshojeu.jpg]

[Image: 6F93657B-7BF3-44DE-AD22-098BA1075A2F_zps45c0uoae.jpg]

[Image: 45D0112D-034A-4A28-9104-4C74AC10A926_zpseepnfklh.jpg]

[Image: C5CFFD6E-44C2-4DFC-8FBC-883448C5E16B_zpsgbrm2cxp.jpg]

[Image: 02F1E91D-81EC-44B4-A912-89B3EC342B2F_zpsyfkn0qdu.jpg]

This brush is made exclusively for Gifts and Care by Vie Long and has a 54mm Amphora-style handle in Butterscotch with a 25/52mm Silvertip knot.

It has seen very little use since new (as can be seen from the photos) and comes complete with a stand in a very nice Vie Long presentation box.

These brushes currently retail 108 Euros + shipping from Gifts & Care.

I have a set a price of £60 posted to the UK or $97.50 shipped to USA / Canada - TRADED.

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