03-14-2016, 06:19 AM
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I'm selling my Wolfman Razors Custom WRH2 titanium handle, brushed finish.  It is slightly different from the standard WRH2 design in that the top groove has been removed at my request.  This is the "stubby" model and measures 72mm long.  The weight is 42 grams.  It comes with a Wolfman Razors brushed finish stand (stainless steel) and I'm also including a Maggard V3A head.

As everyone knows Wolfman Razors is not taking orders right now and the titanium offerings were a limited time option.  I paid $145 USD for the handle and $30 for the stand.  Asking $165 shipped to CONUS addresses.

[Image: 20160312_115754-01_zpswugn6obq.jpeg]

[Image: 20160312_115624-01_zpsvskhztkm.jpeg]

The below photo is for comparison purposes only to show the relative size of the handle.  The handle pictured below is a standard WRH2 in 72mm length.

Left to right: Weber Bulldog, WRH2 "stubby" 72mm, Merkur 1904.

[Image: 2015-06-22%2018.06.32_zpsh0a7hmsp.jpg]

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This shouldn't last long

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