03-14-2016, 10:19 AM
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I am looking to clear out my den a little to make room for some new brushes I recently got. I have the following available:

Simpson Chubby 3 in Coral with Manchurian knot. Beautiful brush. Purchased at end of 2015. I paid $410 and am selling for $360 shipped. Cont US.
[Image: e8c7c27550c4c4d5350571dc4f96b972.jpg]
[Image: b661131fcff9597c0414cd36f0be2740.jpg]

Simpson Duke 3 in Faux Italian Marble with Manchurian knot. Purchased for $300 and am selling for $225 shipped. Cont US. SOLD
[Image: 9861b31667fcc02bb9b1203c2fb4b3b7.jpg]
[Image: b12ccad43243380caf64b045491c8096.jpg]

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