03-15-2016, 03:16 AM
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I'm looking for a nice omega boar brush.  Looking for nice handle and preferably 26 or smaller wit lowe loft for face lathering.    Not the plastic handled pros (which I have and are nice in their own right bur not what I'm looking for).  Not interested in semogue or zenith brushes.  
I have Reef Point Admiralty used 3 times.  Brand new RR Tuscan Oud, Sonn of Zeus and XX, once used AL Sapone.  I have new palmolive cream.  I can curb you off a chunk of cella from the brick.  I have a new puck if tabac. I have a brand new RR Mentor DE razor head.   I have a brand new MW sensitive shave soap. Or i could buy it.  Thanks.

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