03-20-2016, 08:54 AM
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Hi folks, 

Trying to thin out the den.  Not really interested in trades, but who know if you have something interesting.  Outside the US, I would ask that you cover the difference in shipping to your destination (ie. cost for service to your location minus domestic shipping price).

First is a Merkur 34C.  I purchased new a few years ago, and have used about 10 times.  I have two, and just don't see a need.  Great reputation, and like new condition.  It looks like they are going for $40 new online, plus shipping.  I would like to get $32 shipped.

[Image: vJz78YT.jpg]

[Image: MJ9fI4b.jpg]

Second is a vintage Probak.  I like these as very gentle open comb shavers.  this one has a handle similar to the Old Type, not sure if this is because it was produced about the time Gillette acquired them in the 1930s.  I love the funky proprietary blade alignment designs, but have several of these, and can let one go.  I would consider it user grade, with some wear to the plating on head, and the obligatory small crack in handle typical of this design.  Neither defect affects the structural integrity or performance.  I think I paid $30 a couple years ago for it.  I would like to get $20 shipped.  SOLD

[Image: 39Ekc2R.jpg]

[Image: jWJD9iS.jpg]

The final item is a Weber Stainless Steel Classic handle.  I received it as part of a lot, and it simply is not to my taste.  Not sure if it was ever used, it looks very good save for one small very blemish on the upper neck from an apparent dropping.  I couldn't capture it in the photos, but it's there.  Otherwise it looks new.  Weber lists it for $34.99 on their website, I am looking for $25 shipped.  SOLD

[Image: 4b7h6Ln.jpg]
[Image: CQqCTV4.jpg]

I'll give them a week, and then off to eBay.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Cheers!

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 03-26-2016, 04:24 PM
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Bump, I will end these in four days on Wednesday, 30 March.

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 03-30-2016, 04:18 PM
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Ended, thank you to the buyers!

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