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I recently had my Hart Steel straight razor honed by James Arman. J.D. was the orig maker of the razor and when I contacted him - I learnt he now makes custom straights under his own brand called Through The Fire Fine Craft. When he sent my razor back - JD was very kind and included several samples of a new shave soap that his wife Maria Arman makes which is marketed under the same TTFF Craft brand name. I have passed several of these on and requested the recipients to post their reviews here.

Here is my quick review. I will focus on the 'For Flint' soap - which is not only a great fragrance but also a great cause. Read more about the fundraiser here.

Here is a stock pic as 
(a) I am lazy and 
(b) I am not a very good photographer (most likely because of [a])

[Image: hOp6tOR.jpg]

Packaging & appearance
Packed in sturdy plastic tubs with professional looking waterproof labels. This is a soft soap with cella like consistency. Very nice.

I really like this scent. Since I am terrible at describing scents - here is what the maker says about this one:
"A complex cologne fragrance made featuring top notes of bergamot and mandarin orange; middle notes of ginger and patchouli and a base of vetiver, cardamom and sage. Similar to Armani Eau D'Aromes"
Well - yes - that. In either case - I really like it. 

My favorite from this line was Cut Throat - which to my nose smelt rosy (a la XPEC?) - but in a very good way.

Very easy to lather. I had no trouble generating copious lather with my medium hard water. Lather had micro bubbles and was smooth and stable though multiple passes.

Shave Performance
Soap offers excellent glide. Cushion could be better - not the best (for me AoS tallow) or the worst (for me MDC) - but ok. Post shave conditioning is good - not drying at all but also not too greasy.

At $14.99 - these soaps are middle of the road.

I understand that Maria also makes Maggard's house shaving soaps. Have you tried them?

In the end I was surprised I haven't heard more about these soaps. These are nice artisan soaps made by an extremely nice couple in MI and are worth a try. Please add your views if you've had a chance to shave with them.

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 03-25-2016, 04:00 PM
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I really enjoy For Flint from TTFFC, clean aquatic scent. Aftershave is nice as well.

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 03-25-2016, 05:57 PM
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Maggards soap is very good. I have several scents but the favorite orange menthol

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 03-25-2016, 08:34 PM
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I agree Maggard soaps are good. I've recently ordered samples of all their scents and have tried all but the lavender (doesn't seem like my thing). All are easy to load and get lather from.

Orange Menthol is one that I liked and plan on ordering full size. Great scent and not too heavy on the menthol, provides for a subtle cooling feel. 

Limes and bergamot I liked the sample so much that I ordered the full size along with the aftershave. Both the soap and the aftershave preform great. Smells of limes and has a hint of a peppery almost woodsy notes (best I can place it). 

Northern Moss also one i liked enough to order along with the aftershave. This one has some citrusy, ceadary, woodsy notes. Don't know why, but this one is probably my favorite. This one is in the "platinum" line. Not sure what that means, but it seem similar in performance to the others. Maybe softer soap? 

I also plan on getting the barbershop and mango sage tea.

Don't think I'll be getting the Leather, the scent was just too overpowering for my taste.

The only thing I can say against the Maggard aftershaves I've tried so far is that the scent doesn't seem to stick around for more than a couple of hours, but that doesn't bother me.

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 03-26-2016, 03:30 AM
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The TTFC soaps Angel, Devil, Forged and Sucker Punch (a super Grapefruit scent) are quite nice too...there is a soap for everyone with many scents to choose.

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 03-26-2016, 08:10 AM
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I love their For Flint, Limes and Bergamot and London Barbershop. Easy to lather with great scents.

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 03-26-2016, 03:38 PM
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I have tried Maggard's London Barbershop (tallow) and Blades Grim Smolder (non-tallow), both of which are made by TTFFFC. I prefer the non-tallow, and the scent of Smolder is great, a complex vanilla scent.

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 03-29-2016, 11:15 PM
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[Image: asLLnlq.jpg]just recievedthis in the mail yesterday from v4257 (thank you once again). 
 I would mostly be saying the same things that have been stated already about the container so i will leave that alone. I will say i really love this soap the only thing im not fond of is how strong the fragrance is right off the bat, however it seemed to tone down (for me anyway), as soon as i started lathering and adding a bit more water. I dont dislike the smell in fact i enjoy it, it just came on a bit strong when i initially loaded my brush. I like the fact that she is the person that makes maggard soaps because i love every one of those i have tried  (orange menthol, london barbershop and tobacco and leather) it has the same soft consistency. For me this seemed to load onto my brush even easier than maggards soaps, and it seemed to work into a lather alot easier as well. The one thing that really stood out to me was the slickness. I have hard water and it seems that no matter how much water i add it takes me forever to build a good lather and my lather seems to start to dry out quickly leaving the slickness of most soaps begind. This lathered so easily and for me was so pleasant that it stayed really slick. As stated above the cushion lacks a little but still works fine for me. I typically can only get 2 passes on my neck before it gets irritated and with this i pulled off 3 and a tup. And post shave was pretty great, i usually end up having alot of irritation especially on my neck with strong smelling soaps with this i had zero irritation and could have easily been comfortable skipping my balm and splash. I really enjoyed this soap and for 14 bucks i will definitely be getting some more. Also when it involves a good cause it gains extra points with me. So thank you again for sending me this to try out!

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 03-30-2016, 12:43 AM
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I heard that she does a Raspberry scent the other day which I really want to try. I think it's called Extinguish.

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 04-12-2016, 01:16 PM
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I don't do well with pics so I will save everybody the pain. I received the Cut Throat scent about a week ago and have shaved three times with it. Thanks again V4257 for the offer. My experience is very similar to what has been posted. First is the scent. The scent of this one reminds me of Clubman Special Reserve (not a personal favorite of mine but that is very subjective to each individual). As far as the quality the scent is good and strong and lasts for several hours after shaving. I like this kind of "sticking power" of a scent. Lather -- I certainly have not tried them all but have tried quite a few mainly tallows and this is one of the easiest tallows I have ever lathered. Build fast and holds for both my passes with ease. I have extremely hard water but it was no problem with this soap. Cushion feels the same to me as other top performing soaps. After shave feel is awesome; again like other top performing tallow soaps. It is a great soap and I see future tins coming my way. To sum it all up my favorite performing tallow at this time is Mike's Natural and this performs every bit as good. My only 2 complaints with Mike's is availability and the scents don't last past rinsing the face. The best scents to me are Mystic Waters but lack the performance of Mike's (IMO). This soap hits the highs of both companies. Top notch performance and a scent with lasting power.

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 04-13-2016, 09:03 AM
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+1 on Maria's soaps at Through the Fire Fine Craft - she has created fine shaving soaps.

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