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Schick E2 Injector original case and blade loader. Excellent Bakelite handle.

NB: E not G that is mostly seen for sale. Later G models are stamped "Eversharp-Schick" 1946-55. E models 1-5 only stamped Schick.
This is a coveted E2 Canadian made version from 1937-45. Known for being an efficient razor with V.G. brass quality. Shown here with original brass blank loaded and 20 year guarantee case.
Injectors must always be loaded with blade or blank already pre-loaded as not to scratch new blade being inserted.
Asking $48usd OBO Conus tracking included from Canada. Five bucks less within Canada. All others inquire.
Cleaned and disinfected (Step 1: Scrubbing bubbles. Step 2: Ultrasonic cleaner bath consisting of oxygenated cleanser with detergent) 
[Image: I4qf76v.jpg][Image: 7aNMPCr.jpg][Image: vg5pWNG.jpg][Image: 6RUWasV.jpg][Image: vwtUSXF.jpg]
If preferred also have faux Ivory handle (rare colour no case same price). Shown below.
[Image: E1bHQRK.jpg]
[Image: RqdWEKR.jpg][Image: CerDZSq.jpg]

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