04-02-2016, 11:19 PM
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I'm interested in the Saponificio Varesino Post Shave Products.

I favour alcohol based splashes and usually avoid balms completely.

I generally find balms too heavy and oily. 

I do like Myrsol Emulsion and DR Harris Aftershave Milk, but I rarely use them.

During the winter months I sometimes find aftershaves can be too drying and fatiguing on my skin. So I apply Myrsol Emulsion after my A/S splash.

Saponificio Varesino states their products are a combination of alcohol based aftershave and a balm.

I'm interested in members opinions of their post shave products and whether they are less like traditional balms.

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 04-02-2016, 11:31 PM
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They are something between splashes and balms.

SV. aftershaves are like milky texture. Nice protection and relief.

You say balms are too heavy for me and aftershaves dry my skin. I think you have to try a SV product. Kind of made for you in between.

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 04-02-2016, 11:55 PM
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They're definitely in between the two, the consistency is not nearly as heavy as a traditional balm and you don't get the greasy feeling you get with some balms.

Personally it's one of my favourite post shave products, very soothing and leaves the skin very supple, the scent does linger for a while but this is a positive thing for me.

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 04-03-2016, 09:09 PM
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[Image: af64bbc9d2f396bb3915dc7a956d2539.jpg]

Usually I prefer balms.
But I do not miss anything with this as, I like it a lot. Great post shave skin feeling.

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 04-05-2016, 09:49 AM
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I am also interested in this, as normal splashes don't provide enough moisture, but I like alcohol sting.

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 04-11-2016, 11:25 PM
  • ben74
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Well I've ordered the Cosmo after shave, so I'll see for myself soon...

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 04-13-2016, 06:06 AM
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I just received the Tundra after shave balm and the fragrance is out of this world. It smells very refined - like sweet oud with herbs, floral notes and a hint eucalyptus.

I'd love to have this as a standalone alcohol based fragrance.

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 07-18-2016, 10:30 PM
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Where are these products sold?

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 07-19-2016, 01:36 AM
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Why didn't I see this thread earlier?

I could recommend the Tundra Artica and 70th Anniversary. I find the performance and scent pleasantness both solid. My Tundra Artica Aftershave has been used in combination with the following soaps: Manna di Sicilia, Tundra Artica, Dolomiti, and the TSN Flying Mango. The scent on Tundra is different between the aftershave and shave soap. The nourishing benefits you get from using the Tundra are excellent. An instant choice after feeling some razor burn and nicks.

I like to pair the Dolomiti aftershave to the old and new Black Dolomiti shave soaps. The silt in the formula is clearing to my complexion and seems to work within a third pass and  very soon after the aftershave.

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 07-21-2016, 06:01 AM
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I have manna post-shave, and it works quite well; great skin-feel. I'll have to pick up 70th at some point. 
Catie's Bubbles post-shave toner is similar in skin-feel, though it's water-thin. Great results though.

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 08-30-2019, 09:24 AM
  • ischiapp
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A nice news from Saponificio Varesino.
[Image: 1pVXnE8.jpg]

A sample box with all the aftershave treatments (13 sachets of 2ml) including:
• all aftershaves lotions (10 fragrances)
• sample of repair cream Pro Victis
• sample of beard conditioner Beard Balm
• sample of beard shampoo Beard Wash

For those who have doubts about the fragrance, it is an excellent investment.
In alphabetical order, there are:
01. Cosmo
02. Cubebe
03. Dolomiti
04. Felce Aromatica
05. Manna di Sicilia
06. Mirto di Sardegna
07. Opuntia
08. Settantesimo Anniversario
09. Stella Alpina
10. Tundra Artica

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 08-30-2019, 11:39 AM
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Very nice! I was the recipient of packets like this from SV and it was a great way to sample the various scents. Nice to see them rolling this out

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 08-30-2019, 08:08 PM
  • evnpar
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They now have available a sample box that contains 13 samples, including all ten of their aftershaves, repairing cream and beard balm and wash.

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 10-13-2019, 10:18 AM
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[Image: C75nj5B.jpg]

I recently bought SV Cubebe after shave balm.
A slightly thick liquid with alcohol. Quite good.

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 10-13-2019, 11:41 AM
  • hush
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Is this sample box only through SV directly, or US domestic retailers?

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