04-04-2016, 03:52 PM
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I have a few items to sell tonight. Payment via Paypal please. Please PM me if something is off. 

Today I'm selling the following:

Paladin Chief in Briar with M&F Blonde Badger knot - used 3x and palm lathered 2x. Will need a few days to dry as it was just used. SOLD

26mm Knot with 52.75mm loft, 44.5mm Free Loft

Great brush with soft tips, tons of backbone, and good scrub. 

Retail was $160 plus shipping. I'm selling for $160 including CONUS shipping and insurance

[Image: e3vIoBr.jpg]

BSB-2 2 Band Badger used 2-3 times. 

25mm Vie Long Fan knot with ~48mm Loft

Very soft tips, good backbone and flow-through. The handle is a bit small for my gigantic hands. 

Retail was $130 plus shipping from Spain. I'm selling for $130 including CONUS shipping and insurance.


[Image: 6paHSgJ.jpg]

Gillette Aristocrat '48-50 - User Grade

I had this tuned up by CAP and it's in good working order. 

Some brassing and minor plate loss, but still looks great and shaves very well. 

I'm selling for $35 including CONUS Shipping. SOLD

Gillette 40's SuperSpeed No Date code - User Grade

Pretty good condition with a bit of minor plate loss. Very smooth and efficient. 

I'm selling for $25 including CONUS Shipping.

[Image: ZywrXVi.jpg]

[Image: eIk8yI3.jpg]

Chatillon Lux Toners - Champs de Lavande SOLD & Gratiot league Square SOLD

Two of my favorite scents from Chatillon Lux - An alternative to alcoholic aftershave, the toner has lots of skin-friendly ingredients. 

Retail is $15 each. I'll sell for $15 including CONUS shipping each or $25 for both including CONUS shipping.

[Image: vdU2nIq.jpg]

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 04-13-2016, 12:20 PM
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All sold except for the 40s Superspeed

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