04-05-2016, 10:00 AM
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Found a solution using my 25mm knot.  Thank you to those who contacted with offers.


Hi All,

Maybe a long shot but I have a restoration project that requires a 24mm knot and I'm hoping to trade for one.  I'm really wanting a HMW knot but might take a special 2-band knot.  I have many brushes in TGN 2-band finest so not really looking for that.  I'm interested in the knots below.  
  • TGN HMW 24mm  
  • WSP HMW 24mm 
  • Envy White Supreme 24mm  
  • Other high end 2-band or HMW knots at 24mm also considered
I have for trade (none of the knots have been wet let alone test lathered or used).  I have additional photos upon request if you would like.  Brushes are left to right 1 - 4

  1. TGN Best 16mm  
  2. TGN  2-band finest Fan 20mm 
  3. WSP Superfine 2-band 25mm
  4. WSP HMW 26mm 
  5. User grade E2 Fat Boy.  Numbers all click well and everything aligns as it should.  A little play in the knob when fully open but is tight when screwed down.
  6. User grade Damaskkene SE
  7. A bunch of Feather DE blades
  8. RR Mudder Focker - New unused
  9. Many Arko Sticks
Thank you.  Please PM with interest.

[Image: XX9EBdw.jpg]

[Image: EdYQmul.jpg]

[Image: stUcNUq.jpg]

[Image: 7vyVwyt.jpg]

[Image: jDrEEfT.jpg]

[Image: pSZu2en.jpg]

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 04-05-2016, 07:58 PM
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Let me know if you wanted to sell any or all of the knots you have pictured.

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