04-06-2016, 12:47 PM
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$45 A really nice Zenith Silvertip Badger brush with aluminum handle and beautiful travel case. Use a couple of times. Soft bristles really whip up lather. Feels wonderful on your face. Knot 24.5 mm, Loft 51 mm, Handle 5 cm.[img]img_0213.jpg[/img][img]img_0205.jpg[/img]

$45 This is one of the larger Vulfix brushes, model 376 Super Badger. Soft to the touch but has some medium spine. Loft 53 mm, Knot 24 mm, Handle 5.5 cm [img]img_os08.jpg[/img]

$45 Custom wood handle badger brush. Very soft and makes a tone of lather. Used a couple of times. The picture doesn't do it justice. Handle 6.5 cm, Loft 5.5 cm, knot 3.5 cm.[img]img_0206.jpg[/img]

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