04-07-2016, 09:38 AM
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I'm selling this bundled to cut on the shipping cost. All the stuff mentioned here has not been used, it's unused and less than 1 month old.

Plisson is bought directly at Plisson factory in France.
The rest is bought at Connuaght Shaving in the UK.

Semogue 2000 boar - unused, ashwood, comes without the sticker, which fell off, when in the plastic case. UNUSED.

Plisson Brass Palladium Ingraved Zig-Zag pattern. Do I need to tell you guys, that this razor is EXQUISITE looking ? UNUSED

Edwin Jagger 3D Laser Diamond handle in black with the classic DE89 head. Really gives you a GREAT grip on the handle. UNUSED.

Mühle Twist R41, fantastic 2-piece handle, far better grip than both the regular R41 and the GRANDE. Ingenious simple 2-piece design. UNUSED

Price I paid for all new: €240/$272

My price for the bundle inclusing shipping: €140/$160

Save yourself €100/$112 on these items shipped to you.

All is in PERFECT CONDITION, not mint condition, PERFECT condition.

I will add as extra, for free, a 100 pack brand new of Polsilver Super Iridium DE blades, also bought at Connaught.

[Image: ylrR6Um.jpg]

[Image: YvSx6sC.jpg]

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