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After yesterday's shave I felt the urge to be different.So I looked around the small shave den.Not the musk mix or the Brut or its clone nor the blue spice.The Stetson Black didn't seem right either.Aha there it was.A silver dollar decanter(the silver long since flaked away)of Avon's Oland.

A splash in the palm and massaged in to the face and a bit applied to the chest etc.A bit of spice, leather and wood.It is said to be Avon's attempt at Aramis.To me it is a bit like Pinauds Special Reserve,not as heavy or strong though.Within a half hour it fades away about 80%.At the end of the day (about 10 hours later) it was still evident at pulse points.Albeit very weakly.You would have to almost place your nose to the skin to get a scent.

A nice scent,with good longevity that stays close to the skin.It will have you uniquely scented in the crowd.

Oland is a vintage discontinued scent that can be found in thrift stores and on Ebay for less than ten dollars for usually a 3 or 4 ounce container.

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