04-07-2016, 06:15 PM
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Looking to sell the following. All great stuff, just don't need it and haven't used it much. Figure I'd pass this stuff on to someone who would use it more. Prices include shipping CONUS only. No splits, no trades. I feel my prices are reasonable, but I'm open to offers via PM.

Barbiere di Figaro Classico & Esclusivo soaps and aftershaves (brand new) and RazoRock Barber Handle Plissoft Synthetic (used 3 times) - $27 SOLD - Aftershaves retail for $10 each, soaps $13 each and brush retails for $12.99

Paladin Falstaff 28 mm Finest Tortoise  - $260.00 SOLD - Bought the brush here in December for $280, lovely brush and I'll probably regret it, but it is not being used so it should go.

Morris & Forndran Ebony 26 mm blonde badger - $195 SOLD- Test lathered once, bought brand new for $220

[Image: KLfue1U.jpg]
[Image: WAxyFCk.jpg]
[Image: bjMD0Jx.jpg]
[Image: siNVD1D.jpg]
[Image: LLVyAgm.jpg]
[Image: fIxqYRX.jpg]
[Image: G71SvAj.jpg]
[Image: plKKoAR.jpg]
[Image: adYC77L.jpg]
[Image: 0QiGEHc.jpg]
[Image: Peg7QpO.jpg]

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 04-07-2016, 06:46 PM
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Paladin Falstaff sold, thanks to the buyer and TSN.

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