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I'm getting rid of the things that I don't use.  Either I don't like the performance (Erasmic Stick), or they make my skin break out (Indian Old Spice, Palmolive Stick), or I hate the scent (Haslinger Schafmilch).

Depending on what you buy, shipping will be either $5.00 for a single item.  More than that, it will either be done via a Flat Rate Priority Mail box.  $6.80 if it will fit in a small or $13.45 for a medium.  Shipping will also only be in the US.  Let me know what you want, and we might be able to work on the shipping cost.

New prices listed.  Sale price in BOLD  If any prices are off, please let me know.  Not trying to make anything on this stuff.  I'm also open to trades for a NEW puck of MWF or L'OCCITANE Cade soaps only

1. Haslinger Schafmilch - One new in wrapper and one used less than 10 times in the plastic case.  These go for $9 each new at WCS, both for $8.00

2. Valobra Patchouly and Fougere - The Fougere was only used once.  The Patchouly is a little less than 1/2 gone.  These for $25 each new, both for $20.00

3. Indian Old Spice 100ml glass jar with box - More than 90% left.  You can see the approximate level in the pic where my finger is.  $13 new on eBay, $5.00 

4. Thayer's Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula - This one has alcohol in it.  New $11 each new from Thayer's, $5.00 each

5. Omega S-Brush S10108 - Used a few times, way to floppy for me.  New $8 from IB, $5.00

The following are free with a purchase of something above:

Palmolive Shave Stick, NEW

Erasmic Shave Stick, NEW

Vulfix Boar Brush, USED a few times.  Way to scratchy for me.

[Image: zxgKYe2.jpg]
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