04-21-2016, 05:53 AM
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Hi everyone - 

Up for sale is a King Cobra Single-Edge razor (with Feather Professional Blades).  I received this yesterday from Classic Shaving and have used it once.  I usually discuss the merits of the items I'm selling but I figured since everyone knows about these razors I should give a word about why I'm selling this after only one day.  I've participated in several Cobra Classic/King Cobra passarounds (thanks poonjaji!) and I used to own a Cobra Classic so I'm very familiar with the razor and its qualities.  I knew these are not for me (and this extends to razors like the Mongoose as well) but when I just happened to see that they were in stock I caved and ordered, although I knew it was something I should not be buying.  It took one shave to remind me of this (and also my guilt over having bought this when others have not been able to).  So I figure I should put it back into the "stream of commerce" as quickly as I can. 
These retail new for $239.99 only at Classic Shaving.  Included in both the original retail price and in this packages is pack of Feather Artist Club Professional blades.  Obviously I've used one, so there are 19 left.  These last for a long, long time so I hope that the one missing blade isn't too much of a detriment.  The razor has been used only once and I've cleaned and sterilized it.  It comes with the original box as seen in the photos.  I'm asking for essentially what I paid, which is $239.
This price includes CONUS shipping, via USPS Priority Mail with tracking.  I can ship it internationally but we are going to have to figure out a price and options (a few countries offer tracking but many more don't and therefore renders services like insurance moot).  Payment through Paypal.


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 04-21-2016, 06:04 AM
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Gone in 5, 4, 3....

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 04-21-2016, 06:08 AM
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Wow, a real cobra...never thought I'd see one in the wild.

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