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Scott Pavkovich amber polo with 24mm TGN finest. Wonderful brush and stunning in person.

$65 shipped CONUS

[Image: d3362b4a786f0cae225eeda8b537862c.jpg]

[Image: e385be9518cf38d018efe8367de183a9.jpg]

***SOLD***Unmarked Rubberset 400 in great condition. Polished up nicely and reknotted with a Nathan Clark envy white 24x53.

$135 shipped CONUS

[Image: 9d9040a60005fda4dbe12c06e863b235.jpg]

[Image: 194ada95e604291b38f5bacd720b3078.jpg]

[Image: e06170422182723150f10ec197b145e5.jpg]

***PENDING***Beautiful custom brush by Raymond Bukaty. Two piece acrylic and stainless steel. Set with a TGN finest 24x53.

$65 shipped CONUS.

[Image: 865b2600a2f279fc7dfc0b12b65365cb.jpg]

[Image: 49e273c1724938c9c5528590a4441b58.jpg]

[Image: 4c08f4b48a550f7cf2bf35f1036080f4.jpg]

Will consider trades for hardware only or Nuavia soap.

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