04-21-2016, 07:05 PM
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I dont know why I can't get the soaps to rotate to the proper orientation. They are the same orientation as the aftershaves. Sorry about that guys.

At any rate, I have the following up for trade:

MLS - Bali Hai Traded
MLS - Grand Havana Combo Traded
MLS - Drunken Goat

TFF Spring Fern AS

Mike's Natural - Hungarian Lavender

PAA - Chicago

CB - Cape Cod Cranberry

BWW - Queen Anne's Revenge Combo Traded

All of these soaps are great. I just don't use them as much A) because I like others more (e.g. Ghost Ship, new formula Drunken Goat, etc.) B) I just don't reach for them (e.g. Bali Hai, Cranberry, etc.)
All good stuff, just not making the rotation.

I am looking for: 

SC in general (not Vision, I don't like mint)
Other BWW stuff. I have Thomas Tew, Ghost Ship, and Jolly Rogers already.
And whatever else you feel the need to trade away. I am open to offers.


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 04-23-2016, 01:15 AM
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Updated what is left. Really looking for SC confidence. I have more to offer for trades, but it would strictly be for confidence.

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