04-24-2016, 08:28 AM
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SOLD - Thanks TSN!


I have the lot of 6 brush handles below that I would like to trade for some some soap.  The Soap i'm looking for; i'm hoping for a couple new or 95%+ remaining of the soaps listed below.  Each pays own shipping vis USPS Priority which includes delivery confirmation.  I know the soaps i'm looking for are pretty narrow, If I can't find a trade by EOD Friday 29th I'll consider sale of all handles for the low price of $30 plus $6.80 ($36.80 shipped CONUS); that's only $5 per handle plus shipping.  I'm not looking to break the handles up or other trades at the moment.  

Please PM with interest; I have a lot of travel for work this week, please excuse me if it takes me a while to reply to PMs.

Soaps I'm looking for:
  • CRSW:  I've never tried this before but think i'm firm on the Select V2 versions/scents listed on their site
  • Mickey Lee:  Grand Havana or Kraken
  • Tiki Bar:  North Shore

The Handles.  All are Ever-Ready sames size and same shape at 51mm tall and a max diameter at the base of 34mm.  As the pictures show, two of the knots are loose (not that I consider any of them usable, theses would be for display or re-knot projects).  The opening diameter at maximum might be 21mm with a depth of 12-13mm.  The green handle does have some cracks as shown but i'm confident a light smear of clear epoxy inside or around the rim would make it structurally sound as I've done this with another handle with similar cracks.
[Image: ttHpose.jpg]
[Image: j1JJYCb.jpg]

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 04-30-2016, 03:47 AM
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Sold, Thank you, TSN!

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