04-24-2016, 07:53 PM
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This is a beautifully restored razor by the great Nate Zowada. Reground and honed to perfection. Two toned pins at wedge and pivot. Only selling because I need the money and I'm just not a wedge guy. Prefer the hollow grinds. $150 shipped CONUS. PayPal only.

[Image: 2d0af8d1b47a16f6c542969d33f3de39.jpg]
[Image: c657fc5513f041d42d09f276b37822d5.jpg]
[Image: 987c89b682a71bdd147b2b476527c55e.jpg]
[Image: 1435bc6538d98b883e15420e5ebdccd5.jpg]
[Image: fa98974cfe9283ae8d151a196edbdacd.jpg]
[Image: 4290d5cf2340b4ffe76216af6e9b9544.jpg]

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