04-26-2016, 06:58 PM
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Gents, my next batch as I continue to clear the den.

As with my other sales, prices include shipping to the US and APO addresses.  Outside the US, buyer will need to cover the difference in price between domestic shipping and shipping to their location.  I can send additional pictures as needed.  Any questions, just ask.  

First up is a vintage Merkur slant with its case.  It has significant wear to the plating on the handle, but the head is in superb shape.  On the plus side, the wear on he handle indicates solid brass construction.  Shaves very well.  Also includes the original case, which has some discoloring and chips due to age, but is still quite functional.  $40

[Image: 9TzjYFl.jpg]
[Image: 9i4gJjr.jpg]
[Image: ugw18gZ.jpg]
[Image: 8fUJqmR.jpg]

Next is a Swing B4 with its Bakelite case.  My first Swing, which I really like, but I have since found two more I like better.  I believe from the 1930s.  The handle is Bakelite and in great shape.  The head has some wear to the plating seen in the photos, but nice user grade.  The case looks great with the original cardboard insert, but a crack in he lid.  Seen these go on eBay for $45 and a bit more.  One guy wants $145, which he won't get.  I would like to get $40 shipped, not quite my cost before international shipping to get it to me.  SOLD
[Image: sMlZ1up.jpg] [Image: Jx55CUs.jpg]
[Image: UGnDRcK.jpg]
[Image: GeyF4qO.jpg]

Last is a razor advertised and labelled a Rotbart when I purchased it.  It does not have a brand logo on it, but it did come with a box.  It has a little wear to the plating, and I would call it nice user grade.  Of note, this razor has a big blade gap, but is not very aggressive.  It actually works very well as a combination.  At a certain point, one needs to cut the inventory somewhere.  If that large blade gap without a big aggressiveness appeals to you, you won't be disappointed.  About 1/3 off of what I paid.  $22 shipped.  SOLD

[Image: hD8IGmn.jpg]
[Image: bdPN3d5.jpg]
[Image: pt5UoET.jpg]
[Image: WrX8d0w.jpg]

Thanks for looking!

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 04-26-2016, 07:03 PM
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Great looking Razors.

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 04-26-2016, 07:11 PM
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I like the shave a Swing gives, no regrets and is a very nice design.

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 04-27-2016, 08:16 PM
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That Swing is a looker and I hear a great shaver - glwts and great prices!

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 04-28-2016, 02:49 PM
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Swing remaining, Rotbart sold. Merkur still available.

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