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My first brush was a Best Badger. My nephew still uses it after 8 years ( shaves once a week with sparse red hair). I'm still a barbarian. I have no preferred loft length, a fan of bulbs and blossom over fans. I know the grades, at least in my own mental order among disorder. I've even tracked multiple generations of an
unseen family of badgers progressively pushed in the final encroachment of local 'development' into the final nooks and crannies in my area.
So I am deeply interested in the obvious upgrade of badger offered by the smaller names and reflected in a few big ones. One would think a new mystery source
or genetically modified badgers are being killed ( corn is harvested) for market. I hear names like white Mountain  which sounds like an unpublished Alan Watts book and imagine Conway shipping them from Shangri-La. Or is it just a greater deliberation in selection and the skill of knotmaking returning or finding new levels of quality ? 
It would be fascinating to understand the elements coming together; customer, badger hunter, knot maker and brush maker.

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