05-01-2016, 03:39 PM
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WITHDRAWN- PLEASE ARCHIVE - Offering for your consideration is a shave ready Dubl Duck Goldedge.  I intended to master the art of straight razor shaving, but realized that I am a DE/Mongoose fan. This straight is in great condition and can be yours for $95.00 $80.00 shipped CONUS.  I have added additional pics detailing the condition of the entire blade.  There are some rust spots on the tang and tail, which were left during restoration to preserve the remaining gold wash.  I cannot see any rust on the spine or face of the blade. 

[Image: 7Cj9joA.jpg]

[Image: mser3lT.jpg]

[Image: dsPYCOA.jpg]

[Image: kbq1wHg.jpg] 

[Image: wL3oC6f.jpg]

[Image: kAU3kOb.jpg]

[Image: MDM0CZe.jpg]

[Image: OgTtMCo.jpg]

[Image: Aj4GEo5.jpg][Image: 7D83Ykh.jpg]

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