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PM please...thanks for looking...

For Sale (CONUS/PayPal/shipping included)

-Ikon Bulldog II SS handle, $38.
(I paid $49 + shipping @ Shave Nation. Superficial wear on base, otherwise excellent condition. I don’t know of a retailer who’s selling them right now. What looks like a left-side scratch in the second photo is just reflection).

[Image: vK6QIbX.jpg]
[Image: jIjo4ZO.jpg]

SOLD-Fatip Piccolo, $16. Just like out of the box; used just five times.

 ($19.60 + shipping @ Maggard)  http://www.maggardrazors.com/product/fat...el-finish/

[Image: dB9s7Te.jpg]

Trades CONUS.

Here’s what I have for trade:

-Shannon’s Nil (4 oz., 90-95%; $11.95 + shipping)

WITHDRAWN -Cold River Soap Works Spring LE/Prato Verde (6 oz., new; $24 + shipping)

-Mystic Water Irish Traveller (4 oz., new; $13.91 incl. shipping
Here’s my wish list I would like to trade for:

Roughly equivalent value of some combination of the following (new or lightly used):

MW – Bay Rum, Marrakesh, Sweet Briar, Cedar and Sage, Sandalwood

WSPRustic: Blackbeard, Citrus Blast, Mahogany, Matterhorn; Formula T: Mahogany, Ol’ Kentucky

Reef Point – Admiralty, Peerless

Stirling – Gatlinburg, Mountain Man

[Image: Bh69zq6.jpg]
[Image: fuu0x1h.jpg]

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Fatip is sold.

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