05-10-2016, 03:18 PM
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Hi all,

I have a few items I'd like to sell as a lot of possible.

1) Recent tub of Castle Forbes Lime cream. Bought this one for $34 on Amazon. 90% remaining. Never there's in the tub, always scooped with a butter knife.

2) A puck of Mitchell's Wool Fat. Call it 70%. Came in ceramic but that was dropped so now in a cheap plastic tub to keep it moist. Seems to be the best way to keep MWF.

3) RR King Louis Splash, 97% full. These are $11.95

4). RR Evil Eye Lime aftershave wax. 85% on this one too. Costs $13.99 on Amazon.

Asking $XX DROPPED TO $34 shipped for the four items.

[Image: 4c0f3fcb6ea29988a231d4cdf437ccdd.jpg]

[Image: f1fa15e6895642dd7aa6be4823c6c326.jpg]

[Image: 4669a657c209ae7de13be8c886d422e8.jpg]

[Image: d4d1efebea6c1b6d4363e8512377c102.jpg]

[Image: 6d8a4b9bc0dcb8c57911d7b56fafb931.jpg]

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 05-18-2016, 10:36 AM
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Dropped to $34

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 05-21-2016, 10:47 AM
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Archive please, I'll break this up and delist with some new items

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