05-16-2016, 05:15 AM
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**** SOLD  ****    Thanks TSN  !

This is a Simpsons Duke 3 in 2-band silvertip badger from 2014.  In excellent condition.

Beautiful Moonjava handle.  

The hair and handle are in excellent condition.  Bottom of the handle has some counter-top wear that one sees from use.

Original Simpsons red box in excellent condition included.

This sold for about $325 when it was available new.

Knot: 25.6 mm     Loft: 51 mm

$275 shipped CONUS.   

[Image: LGxot1F.jpg]

[Image: wu7blqm.jpg]

[Image: PGIQwTB.jpg]

[Image: PW1wdJm.jpg]

[Image: kjM3Qcg.jpg]

[Image: NovnClL.jpg]

[Image: hJ9afmL.jpg]

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 05-16-2016, 05:22 AM
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This is a BEAUTIFUL brush! I have its sister with a different handle and it's one of the best knots I've ever used.
Whoever buys this is going to be very happy if it's anything like the one I have. GLWTS

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