06-04-2016, 05:15 AM
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I have two great brushes at great prices for sale.  Prices include CONUS shipping.  No trades please.

1.  Virtually new  ivory Shavemac 167 in silvertip 2-band.
This brush was purchased in May directly from Shavemac.  It is virtually new, and has been used exactly three times.  It has a 26mm silvertip 2-band bulb knot set to a loft of 49mm.  The bulb knot is quite dense and symetrical.  The brush has soft tips, superb backbone, and no scritch whatsoever that I can detect.  Due to its density and short loft, this brush will give you a lot of firm but gentle scrub, with no floppy splay.  It has not shed a single hair.  I am only selling this brush because I have another Shavemac brush with the same 2- band hair, diameter and loft in another handle which I decided I like more.  I have too many brushes to justify keeping two Shavemacs with the identical knot, otherwise this would be a keeper.

After the brush was used for three shaves it was thoroughly cleaned,  allowed to dry, then put back in the box.   It's been residing in the box since then, so all of the pictures show the knot as new and with no bloom.

[Image: HGJ2wmM.jpg]

[Image: iQxStlF.jpg]

[Image: 7bRqWoj.jpg]

[Image: tfk0FHa.jpg]

The cost of this brush, including an 8% loyal customer discount from Shavemac and shipping from Germany, was $166.00.

Sale price is $95.00.  

2.  Ivory Doug Korn custom D7 with a 26mm TGN Finest knot.  SOLD

Doug's work is well known in this community and this handle shows his usual  craftmanship.  The 26mm TGN knot, set to a 50mm loft, is simply superb.  It's very dense with great backbone and scrub. While soft, it is not as soft s a Thater or Shavemac.  This knot will appeal to anyone who likes a lot of scrub, but the scrub does not rise to the level of a Shavemac D01 2-band. The feel of this knot reminds me of the 2-band Epsilon 27/50mm.  The brush was purchsed in April 2015 and was lightly used in a large rotation.  It has never shed.

I like this brush a lot.  However, when Doug resumes making brushes later this year, I plan on ordering the same handle with a transplanted Epsilon knot.   In the meantime,  I need to make so room in my large assortment of brushes, to accommodate new incoming models.

[Image: 27xsc0X.jpg]

[Image: O1yw8Ex.jpg]

[Image: KOiIvN3.jpg]

The knot cost $28.95 and the handle $65.00, for a total cost of $93.95.

Sale price is $35.00.  SOLD

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 06-04-2016, 06:03 AM
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The Doug Korn is sold.  There were multiple buyers for this brush within 5 minutes.  Thanks to all.

The Shavemac is still available.

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 06-04-2016, 09:15 AM
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How is this Shavemac still here???

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 06-04-2016, 02:52 PM
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Shavemac is sold.  Thanks TSN.

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