05-29-2016, 07:34 AM
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A number of straights for sale, all taken from my personal collection.

1. Two Swedish blades, both 6/8", would approximate these to be between 1/2 and qtr. hollow.

Good to very good condition, blade opens/closes smoothly. 
These are accurate yet mild and forgiving blades, ideal for starters.

$60 for both (shipped).

[Image: Tw6XpEL.jpg]

[Image: EB4YZxn.jpg]

[Image: 6w9mE8y.jpg]

[Image: ppd4ty9.jpg]

[Image: hm9pqpO.jpg]

[Image: BrGgxe3.jpg]

2. Two misc. blades, 5/8" square point and 6/8".

First is a German Oxford Razor Warranted, from Germania Cutlery Works in Germany.
I would approximate it to 1/2 hollow.
This is very good shaver (for its cost), but reportedly a b*tch to hone.

I am not sure whether the scales are original.
The blade is 'grayed' but this was more or less the condition 3 years back when I purchased it.
Good condition, opens/closes smoothly. 

[Image: vzi8fDq.jpg]

[Image: dnM5OtR.jpg]

[Image: gYWOP0G.jpg]

Second is a British blade from George Butler & Co. at Trinity Works, Sheffield.
Wedge grind, 'smiling' edge. Tang pin could use a bit of tightening.

$40 for both (shipped).

[Image: CkqjbWG.jpg]

[Image: 6FjdtKd.jpg]

[Image: VfMQnYJ.jpg]

[Image: d3uRSK6.jpg]

3. Le Grelot Hospital 6/8 full hollow, Thiers, Cocobolo scales.

The scales are (naturally) not original.

Sweet shaver, comes shave-ready.

$110 shipped.

[Image: AUVApPL.jpg]

[Image: aINPOpf.jpg]

[Image: xx58P1F.jpg]

[Image: iKendOJ.jpg]

[Image: l5A2skG.jpg]

[Image: d97kDCH.jpg]

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 05-29-2016, 07:36 AM
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4. Dubl Duck, 'Bresduck'.

4/8 wedge, made by Dovo in Germany.
Very good condition, opens/closes well, scales are not the original ones.

$65 shipped.

[Image: vWNCodC.jpg]

[Image: Dp2OgSk.jpg]

[Image: klJeBvX.jpg]

[Image: dIyHieP.jpg]

Thanks for viewing and thanks TSN.

[Image: ssZZTne.jpg]

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 05-29-2016, 08:22 AM
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That frame back is nice, they are incredible shavers.

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 05-29-2016, 05:11 PM
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Nice blades and very reasonable prices, GLWTS!

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 05-30-2016, 11:51 PM
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^^ Thank you for the kind words, gents.

Price updates (reductions in a couple of items) and clarifications.

Just a side note, I am moving house mid-week so in case there's a slight delay in any response please bear with me.
I withdrew the Brit and the TI frameback (oiled them, etc.) as they go into storage along with all the rest of the collection, thought I should give those a solid chance when time comes.

Many thanks again for viewing.

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 06-18-2016, 06:07 AM
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Further price updates.

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