05-29-2016, 10:54 AM
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Hello Everyone, 
   Trying to clear out some space and finish up a boat project. I'm not sure about prices for most of these items. If they aren't right let me know or PM an offer. 

Thiers-Issard frameback $85.00 shipped CONUS
I have not used it in quite a while. Still has a decent edge, but would likely benefit from being honed prior to shaving. Just under 7/8 at it's widest but then tapers down by 1/8 towards the toe.
original listing- http://shavenook.com/showthread.php?tid=38383  

[Image: gbBxmpn.jpg]

[Image: T26MOyO.jpg]

SOLD Boker Finest India Steel- $40.00 shipped CONUS
Bought here, but could not find listing. Again, probably not quite shave ready. 
[Image: PTw1GBK.jpg]

[Image: 7vEVLL7.jpg]

[Image: 6CwkiGV.jpg]
Tony Miller 2.5" strop $40.00
Still in great shape. 
[Image: GnLeT4h.jpg]

[Image: d6u8ow8.jpg]

Gem G bar with blade sample and user grade Damaskeene head. $15.00 shipped CONUS. 
Drilled out Damaskeene handle thread and added bolt to accept a modern handle. 
3 carbon steel blades, 3 PTFE, 5 stainless steel 
[Image: TvGamjA.jpg]

[Image: FGKhWOw.jpg]

SOLD Omega brush and razor stand $10.00 shipped CONUS
[Image: 9DlHqHg.jpg]

SOLD C-MON double sided barber's hone $40.00 shipped CONUS
[Image: lUsBshn.jpg]

[Image: eXj44Me.jpg]

[Image: w4ToWzg.jpg]

SOLD Penworks Silvertip $20.00 shipped CONUS
appx. 24x49
[Image: 71206Zz.jpg]



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 05-29-2016, 01:47 PM
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PM sent.

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 05-29-2016, 04:51 PM
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Boker, brush, stand, and hone are sold.

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 05-29-2016, 08:32 PM
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PM sent re strop

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