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Hello Everyone! Have items here that really don't agree with my skin. There all in great condition and prices are including shipping CONUS! Please do PM if you are interested!

First off are these croaps are practically brand new! Don't agree with skin so I've only used them once. They all have quite a lot of shaves left with these three.

Paid $14 w/ shipping for RR and $26 w/ shipping for Nannys.


A trade with these three for something equivalent or Klar Kabinett bars would be awesome!

How about $16 for both Nanny's

Razorock 2012 LE "Mudder Focker" SOLD
Nanny's Silly Soap Citrus Zinger
Nanny's Silly Soap Lemony Lime w/ Goats Milk



A Custom Pottersong Scuttle. I made sure it had the dimensions of a Large moss scuttle in which it is. Its been used a couple of times and has been well Cared for. I paid $52.00 with shipping.
How does $43 sound w/ shipping. If you want insurance it'll be $48 w/shipping! SOLD



Now the razors - Merkur Progress and Gillette Fat Handled Tech (UK)

I bought the Progress Used and would like to sell for the same price.
It also came with a couple of minor scratches but doesn't effect its performance. $46 w/ shipping

UK Gillette Tech, Received it this Tuesday and used it twice. Too mild.
$18 with shipping



Please do Pm if your interested, I do have a little wiggle room for negotiation. Other than that thanks for looking and have a great day Friends!

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 07-27-2012, 09:54 AM
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Great prices and the scuttle is already goneSmile

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