05-31-2016, 02:20 PM
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*SOLD-Plz.Archive*-WTS/WTT-RazoRock Baby Smooth Double Edge Safety Razor F/BBS-1 Razor by LASSC (Head Only) or Mergress Razor (XL or Long Handle)
Added: WTS for $100 plus $7 for shipping&Fees= $107 Total

Per Italian Barber Website:

*One warning, this is a prototype so you agree to buy the razor at your own risk.  There is absolutely NO refunds, exchanges or warranty.  Your feedback is welcome but not obligated.  Razors may have small blemishes.

THIS particular razor only some VERY minor micro-scratches on the head, pretty much the way it came from Italian Barber, which is where I purchased it. I am the original owner. The Handle was never used, so it is in NEW condition.

The intention of the RazoRock Baby Smooth was to design and build a safety razor specifically for sensitive skin and for daily shaving.

Complete Length : ~98mm
Handle Length: ~91mm
Handle Diameter: ~12mm
Handle Butt end Diameter: ~14mm
Weight: ~39 grams (1.4oz), 41g on MY scale; 12g F/Head, 29g F/Handle
Material: 6061 aluminum
Finish: Black Anodized finish
Build: CNC machined head (billet), CNC lathe turned handle (rod)

[Image: SnSvKly.jpg]
[Image: Z5C0Fkv.jpg]
[Image: asH1HVH.jpg]
[Image: IUhtIaC.jpg]
[Image: Ij0EoGY.jpg]

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Do you mean a BBS-1 by LASSC?

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Added: WTS for $100 plus $7 for shipping&Fees= $107 Total

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